Fusion Battle
* NEW * Tournament Registration Schedule
Registration for the Fusion Battle Tournament(s) have the following alternating schedule week by week and will open in the following order 128, 64, 32, 16, 8 -with each arena opening for registration ONLY once the previous arena is fully registered:
Week 1 — Thursdays at 430PM UTC * Exception for Tournament #1 Week 2 — Thursdays at 630PM UTC Week 3 — Thursdays at 430AM UTC Week 4 — Thursdays at 630AM UTC
Register Here: https://tothemoonuniverse.com/arenas * Click on your desired Arena to enter. Click "REGISTER" at the top of the selected Arena page.
Note: Arena registration will open shortly after the previous Tournaments have finished.
* After 4 weeks the schedule cycle will begin again from Week 1. This is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to register for the Arenas of their preference each week.
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