Subscriptions & Start Battle Rewards


Upon Tournament Registration and leading up to the Start of a Tournament, fighters will be given the option to subscribe to the "Start Battle" Pool in the Arenas page. The tournament’s rounds are run through having each battle between fighters initiated by invoking the Battle Contract.

Each time a battle between 2 fighters is initiated, the set amount of “Start Battle” Rewards will be awarded to a Fighter who subscribed to the “Start Battle” Pool.

The amount of subscriptions required for each Arena Tournament varies depending on its size. There will be a countdown visible to show how many subscriptions remain for the “Start Battle” Pool to be fully subscribed.

In the event that an Arena Tournament’s “Start Battle” Pool is not fully subscribed by the set Tournament Start Time, TOTHEMOON will fill the remaining subscriptions so that the Tournament may be started and completed.

* If there is oversubscription to the “Start Battle” pool prior to the subscriptions being closed/made unavailable (i.e multiple fighters subscribe at the same time and the total subscriptions needed for a tournament is past), Fighters will still receive their “Start Battle” Rewards.

In the above event, the extra subscriptions will carry over to the next Arena’s Tournament. The total subscriptions needed for the “Start Battle” Pool to be fully subscribed would be adjusted to reflect the previous tournaments oversubscription.

Subscription Cost = .11 GAS + tx fee

  • multiple subscriptions can be made under one tx fee

  • .11 GAS covers the invocation of the battle contract for 1 battle matchup in the Battle Arenas.

* Subscriptions are not a requirement *

TOTHEMOON would like to note that 100% of any “profit” made from these Fusion Battle Tournaments will go directly to Game Development.

How To Subscribe?

Once entered into a Tournament, fighters can select the Arena that they are entered into and click SUBSCRIBE at the top of the Arena page.

Start Battle Rewards

Each subscription (.11 GAS + tx fee) to the "Start Battle" Pool will reward Fusions with the following amount of Resource Tokens;

Resource TokenAmount











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